Krav maga — an ideal self defence discipline for women

As danger lurks in every nook and corner, it has become important for women to learn a self-defence art. As krav maga can be quickly learned and implemented, it is one of the best options for women. Krav maga prepares them for whatever comes in their way and is considered as a perfect style for independent women. To learn krav maga, there is no limit of height or weight of a person.

Krav maga trains women in awareness of the present and lurking dangers, prevention against dangerous situations, response to threat or attack in actual situations, and self-realisation of your own physical strength and confidence that you can handle the situation.

There are some basic principles of krav maga that the trainee needs to know. It involves finishing the fight as early as possible and attacking the most vulnerable parts of the body of the attackers, which includes face, knee, groin, neck, etc. Another basic principle of krav maga is to neutralise the attacker as quickly as possible by responding with continuous counter attacks.

The feature that works wonders for women practising krav maga is its shock value. Most attackers do not expect the women to defend themselves or counter attack, and the attacker is therefore caught off guard. Krav maga is easy to learn and builds up the combat fitness and strength of women. You also burn more than 900 kcals per one hour training. It has become the chosen self-defence all over the world.

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