President Higgins urges young people to share their vision for Ireland’s future

President of Ireland Micheal D Higgins will address up to 100 young people from Galway and the surrounding areas at NUI Galway on Saturday.

The event, which will take place at the Bailey Allen Hall, will be his fourth and final “Being Young and Irish 2012” workshop. Participants will then spend the day exploring and debating their vision for Ireland’s future.

The Galway workshop is part of a wider consultation process by the President. He wants to hear from any young person aged 17 to 26 in Ireland and worldwide who has a view on Ireland’s future. The closing date for submissions is Saturday and they can share their views in writing, audio, video or any format they choose via

Throughout the day, through workshops and plenary voting sessions, young people will agree on their top 10 answers to the President’s questions: What is your vision for Ireland? What needs to happen to make your vision possible? What can you and other young people do to achieve this vision?

This consultation with young Irish people seeks to harness their power. The aim is to to create a society which values every citizen in every generation.

The central goal is to engage young people as active and reflective citizens in contemporary Ireland, and to endorse them as one of the sources of wisdom in solving core social, political, economic and cultural issues confronting Ireland.


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