The history of music in four preludes

THE HISTORY of music, from pieces written in 1800 BCE to songs recorded this year, compressed into an audio-visual experience is the ambitious new exhibition at 126.

Michael Karr’s Four Preludes To History: The Symphony That’s Beginning To End will be officially opened in the 126 Gallery, Queen Street, this Wednesday with a special preview on Saturday at 7pm.

The exhibition features the four preludes from The Symphony That’s Beginning To End, which runs from 16 hours and contains 9,000 fragments of recorded music.

The preludes, containing 1,000 fragments, are layered in a dynamic sequence lasting 200 minutes and are performed by Michael Karr (vocals, recorders, electronics, keyboards, percussion ); Rik Möhlmann (keyboards, electronics, guitar, flutes, percussion ); Cristina Beteringhe (violin, vocals, flutes, guitar, percussion ), and David Bordeleau (cello, vocals, percussion ).

Musical instruments have been around for more than 10,000 years, but the earliest (surviving ) recordings are to be found on 4,000 year-old notations on clay tablets. The symphony seeks to show the evolution and diversity of music from then to now.

As well as the multimedia installation in 126, a DVD of these performances will be available for purchase.

The exhibition runs until Saturday October 6. See



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