Come to the Asian Mela in Shantalla

Shantalla’s St Joseph’s Community Centre will become a piece of Asia this weekend when female members of Galway’s Asian community host a unique cultural event and fair.

The Hindu feast of Dewali has just passed. The Christian festival of Christmas and the Muslim feast of Eid are coming close. Galway is now home to many different peoples from the vast continent of Asia and these communities are staging a special event to celebrate their heritage and to share it with native Galwegians.

The Asian Mela will take place at the St Joseph’s Community Centre in Shantalla this Saturday from 12 noon to 4pm. On sale and display will be home made Asian food, Bengali sweets, Asian dresses, handcrafts, ceramics, henna tattoos, eyebrow threading, and Egyptian jewellery made by an artist from Cairo.

“Ireland is a part of global village,” said Mrs Sanober Jaffry, one of the organisers of the event. “Galway is becoming a multicultural society where there are people of different faiths cultures and languages, it’s very important for people living here not to forgo their culture, faith, and traditions, and yet integrate in the country of their naturalisation.”

For more information contact 086 - 6628141.


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