Sick and twisted, the rom-com finally has some backbone

If you are a female who ever starts to feel, even for the slightest second, that you might be starting to take your boyfriend for granted, then believe me, you can not get to the cinema fast enough this week because no film will make you appreciate your man quite like My Best Friend’s Girl.

Gorgeous womaniser Sherman ‘Tank’ Turner (Dane Cook ) is a air purifier salesman who has earned a reputation (and more than a few dollars ) as being the guy you go to when your girl breaks up with you. Not only will he take your girl on the absolute worst date of her life, but with his crude and rude comments about everything from oral sex to genital herpes, he will ensure that she is back in the arms of her original suitor within 24 hours or less.

Tank’s flatmate/best friend/cousin is Dustin (Jason Biggs ), the sweet, homely, hopeless romantic who has fallen head over heels for his co-worker the beautiful, smart, and quick witted Alexis (Kate Hudson ). Problem is, they’ve only been dating five weeks, and when he tells her he is in love her during a romantic dinner date, she rushes off in a panic.

Devastated and explaining his situation to a relatively unsympathetic Tank, he begs his friend to work his magic on Alexis. Unwillingly, Tank agrees, but quickly learns that Alexis isn’t his typical, easy-to-offend, date and is quickly thrown of guard when she blows his cover by accusing him of purposely trying to act like a complete jerk, and then inviting him in to sleep with her. He can’t, he knows, and he doesn’t. But when his plan fails and Alexis doesn’t go running back to Dustin, this love triangle sets in motion a series of events that will make liars and lovers of each and every one of them, with plenty of great laughs along the way.

The queen of rom-com, Hudson, (finally! ) returns in the kind of film she does best, and the notoriously crude Cook makes another attempt to move from stand-up guru to leading man status, and rather successfully one might add.

Biggs plays a convincing (albeit slightly annoying ) sappy romantic, a title that has become notorious with his name since his American Pie breakout, and Alec Baldwin, playing Tank’s ironically misogynistic father (he teaches women’s studies in the local college ), is an absolute scene stealer.

If you are looking for your typical boy-meets-girl affair this isn’t it, but if you are looking for an upbeat, laugh-out-loud rom-com with a refreshing new flair than this is definitely the flick for you.

And if you can stomach some of the more grotesquely shocking moments of the film then you can happily head home after and hug the life out of your boyfriend (or your teddy ). Believe us, he’ll deserve it after this.


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