Slender rounds up couch potatoes in Ballina

Leading natural slimming supplement Slender attracted couch potatoes from all over Co Mayo last week and put the spotlight on stress snacking at an event in Molloy’s Pharmacy in Bunree, Ballina, Co Mayo.

The Slender spotlight on stress snacking event saw people coming together to learn more about Ireland’s growing trend for stress snacking, something 61 per cent of Irish women admit to. A Molloy’s Pharmacy health expert provided support to help women overcome the challenges of stress and the impact of emotional overeating, with one lucky attendee winning a Slender hamper. Life size potatoes were in attendance to highlight how we have becoming a nation of emotional eating slouch potatoes.

A recent survey revealed that 61 per cent of women reach for food when stressed, compared to 48 per cent of men. Chocolate is the number one emotional crutch for 53 per cent of women. Just 13 per cent said they would have a home cooked meal when stressed. The survey also found that these unhealthy eating habits are a major factor in the country’s obesity and overweight problems.

Sixty three per cent of young people eat something to de-stress, compared to 49 per cent of older people. A total of 26 per cent of men said they never eat for reasons other than hunger, compared to four per cent of women.

Forty five per cent of young people drink alcohol to de-stress compared to 32 per cent of older people, while chocolate is the first choice for stress relief for 56 per cent of young people, 55 per cent of middle aged people, and 42 per cent of older people.

“Today’s fast-paced and stressful life has given rise to alarming stress levels, and people are seeking any way they can find to cope,” said independent dietician Orla Walsh. “From this research we see that emotional eating is the single biggest cause of poor eating habits in Ireland. Irish people are turning to chocolate, sweets, cakes, and fast food, precisely the kinds of foods that are high in fat and low in nutrition. Poor eating behaviour leads to weight gain and obesity, and the psychological aspects of this need to be fully investigated if we are to address the fact that six out of 10 adults are either obese or overweight.”

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