Plexus Bio Energy brings people back to good health and wellbeing

Located at Lismoyle House, Merchants Road, Galway, both Michael O'Gara and Tina Forkan run a full time clinic that they started in 1990. Plexus Bio Energy involves the relocating and balancing of energy blockages throughout the body; these blockages are like electrical currents going through the body which form an electromagnetic field. Therapists can scan and diagnose the energy field and loacte where the blockages are in the body.

When a flow of energy becomes blocked, imbalanced, stagnant, or disturbed it can affect the physical, mental, or emotional body. Therapists can release these disturbances through a series of hand movements. A series of treatments is carried out over four consecutive days, lasting 30 minutes per day. During these treatments patients feel sensations going through their body such as tingling, heat, or coolness, which indicates how energy blockages are being released.

Plexus bio energy can treat all types of illness in young and old, including asthma, arthritis, depression, skin problems, back and stomach problems, colic, blood pressure, and sports injuries. Both Michael O'Gara and Tina Forkan have enjoyed great results over the years and look forward to helping people in the future.

One Plexus Bio Energy patient, John, gives an account of his experience with the clinic: “I woke up one morning to discover that I had lost the power on the side of my face, my mouth had twisted to one side and my eyelid was not blinking. My hearing was also affected. The whole side of my head felt like I had received a anaesthetic. I also had some swelling in the side of my face. I went to my GP who informed me that it was Bell’s palsy, and that there was no known cause for it, and it was not linked to a stroke. I was very shocked and worried at the state of my face.

“As I had very good results from my previous therapy from Plexus Bio Energy for chronic sinus infections, I decided to go back to bio energy for my Bell’s palsy. Over the first few days of treatment I could feel more sensations coming back into my face again and I was able to blink my eyelid. By the end of the first session I was 90 per cent better and came back for another session one month later, and after that I never looked back. I am so grateful to both Tina and Michael for their great work. Finally all I can say it’s a very powerful treatment and can only help you.”

For information or appointment contact Tina Forkan or Michael O’Gara at (091 ) 568855 or (087 ) 2810055.


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