Burn and bind to beat the bulge

Booze, sloth, and endless eating — no wonder Christmas is the worst time for weight gain. With new Slender Dream Slim & Go, wishful New Year shrinking can become a reality. This natural, effective, and easy to use weight-loss supplement boosts the body’s own latent ability to burn and bind fat, while at the same time increasing energy levels and suppressing appetite. And at a recession busting €0.67 per day Slender Dream Slim & Go is one of the best natural value weight loss supplements around.

The secret to Slender Dream Slim & Go’s success lies in its unique formulation, featuring five of nature’s most powerful, proven fat binding and fat burning ingredients — chitosan, pomegranate, green tea, yerba mate, and guarana.

Slender Dream Slim & Go proven ingredients work by:

1. Binding fat: Slender Dream Slim & Go contains chitosan, a fat binder found in shellfish which converts fats into a form that the body does not absorb. Regarded as the fibre of the future, chitosan has many of the same properties as plant fibre. However unlike plant fibre, chitosan has the ability to act like a ‘fat sponge’ in the digestive tract, preventing fats from being digested and absorbed.

2. Burning fat: Guarana contains caffeine which has a thermogenic effect, boosting energy levels, helping the body to burn more calories.

3. Suppressing appetite naturally: It contains yerba mate, a South American plant which suppresses the appetite naturally.

4. Cleansing the body: Super fruit pomegranate is a natural digestive cleanser which helps weight loss by cleansing the body and providing energy.

Slender Dream Slim & Go is part of a range of Ireland’s No1 best selling slimming supplements and teas, tried and trusted by celebrities including Amanda Brunker and Lisa Canon. Slender Dream Slim & Go is available from Matt O’Flaherty pharmacies.



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