Fitness through the decades with The Kingfisher Club

Keeping fit is the key to maintaining physical independence as we age and It’s never too late to start looking after yourself and aiming for a healthier lifestyle. With one of the widest varieties of fitness equipment, classes and programmes, The Kingfisher Club can help with your fitness requirements throughout the decades.

“Exercise is for anyone of any age, whether they are 18 or 80 years old. It should never be underestimated what can be achieved and how fulfilling it is to try something new,” said Joe Cosgrove – managing director of The Kingfisher Club.

No matter what your current fitness levels, now is a great time to start working to improve your health and fitness – and you will soon feel the benefits.

The Kingfisher Clubs top tips for exercising from your twenties to your sixtie.;’s;

Your twenties

In your twenties the good news is that your metabolism is still quicker than it will be in your thirties or forties making it easier to lose the weight with exercise. Now is the time to get a good fitness foundation to see you through your adult life:

Keep regular - Try to build moderate, regular physical activity in to your everyday routine. Cardio vascular exercises are a great way to keep lean. If you’re new to exercise, start with gentle jogs or cycling and try to build up to thirty minutes a day three to five times a week.

Your thirties

Many people make the decision to get fitter in their thirties, but often life can be pretty hectic, with work and family commitments. However it won’t take long for you to regain your fitness and start feeling great.

Expert help - If you’re thinking that life is just too busy a bespoke fitness programme is a great way to stay motivated and to get a boost back in to fitness. Kingfisher fitness staff have great knowledge and can help you plan how to fit exercise into any hectic lifestyle.

Your forties

If your life schedule continues to be hectic then the good news is that taking part in regular moderate physical activity can actually give you more energy.

Change for the better – With so much variety to choose from, you need never get bored of exercising. If you don’t like a particular exercise then don’t sweat it, just try something new, whether in the gym, or a group exercise class or a swim. Taking part in a variety of different activities will also work different parts of your body.

Your fifties

Now more than ever is time to incorporate exercise into your weekly routine to help with mental and physical health.

Getting started - Start with exercises that won’t throw you in at the deep end, just try to be as active as feels comfortable.

Over sixties

For those over sixty, becoming interested in fitness can be incredibly rewarding.

Class act - Fitness classes are a good way to spice up any exercise routine. Many health clubs will offer classes designed specifically for the over sixties and classes such as yoga and Pilates are great for improving core stability. Being in a class environment means the instructor will be able to give you personal advice and keep you motivated. Water based activities are also less stressful on the joints and a fun way to exercise with friends.

Tighten your belt offer

So no matter what age you are, or what fitness level you are at there is no better time to start exercising with the Kingfisher Club. Take advantage of low membership rates with new payments options before Wednesday October 26 and receive the amazing ‘tighten your belt’ offer of free fitness classes, a health check, personal training sessions and a weight loss programme.

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