Refugees read a ‘human’ book at Westside library

Galway Refugee Support Group held a human library event at Westside Library earlier this week to mark Galway’s Social Inclusion Week.

A human library is a way for people to interact with others in their community that they might not come into contact with in their lives.

“The aim of the event was to challenge misconceptions and preconceived notions while celebrating differences and promoting tolerance,” explained a spokesperson. “Participation in the event provided people with an opportunity to promote or discuss an issue or experience that they wished to share with the general public.

“During the event readers ‘borrowed’ human ‘books’ and engaged in conversation with them for a scheduled length of time. The ‘books’ were volunteers who identified a title for themselves based on factors such as religion, profession or social status. The ‘books’ involved included a ‘waitress’, a ‘migrant, a ‘male asylum seeker’ and a ‘Muslim.’

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