Notes for the season

Lisa Lane [email protected]

When shopping gets personal

At Brown Thomas personal shoppers are available as a complimentary service, and are not just limited to the money rich and time poor. They assist in the process of either building a wardrobe over time or simply picking out the best outfit for an occasion. The benefit of using this service is huge. A personal shopper can let you know when the deliveries are coming in, and she can keep an eye out for that perfect piece that she just knows would work well on you. For the busy woman whose focus is elsewhere, this service ensures that you are the first to know about trends coming down the line, and the first to pick them up and start wearing them.

Every woman needs a go-to dress, one that makes her feel like a million dollars every time she puts it on, but it can take time and effort to find the right one for you. The same goes for the perfect coat and bag and boots. A personal shopper can consult with you initially over the phone, to find out what has not worked for you in the past, and where you may have gaps in your wardrobe. She can pull items for you and have them waiting upon your arrival, and there is no obligation to buy. The personal shopper will be able to guide you to items that you may not have spotted on the shop floor yourself. This happens all the time, even to me, and I work here! I cannot count the number of times I’ve admired something on one the fashion girls only to find I have passed the same item on the rails numerous times. The most recent example is the Michael Kors skinny black trousers. They are perfection. Super flattering, they have pockets in all the right places, and are good to dress up or dress down. And you would hardly give them a second glance on the hanger in the department.

The same applies to cosmetics. A Chanel foundation devotee, having adored Vitalumier for years, I recently tried the Christian Dior skin sculpt foundation, and was stunned. The coverage, the colour quality, the smell, it’s only divine. Not to mention that fact that it is line smoothing and lifting. It’s also pricey, but great to have in your arsenal for special days, or days when you feel you need a little extra help. You will learn so much about what’s on trend from the cosmetics department, it’s my home away from home. Even if you are of a mind to pare down (the undone look being the trickiest of all ) make sure you are paring down to only quality products that work for you. Lots of savvy customers are now bringing in their make up bags to their favourite cosmetic consultant for an assessment, and it can be so liberating to get rid of all the excess you never use anyway. It’s never any harm to shake things up.



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