Lose weight permanently with Motivation

Do you suffer with your weight? Are you tired of the physical and psychological pain that being overweight is causing, such as low self esteem, lack of confidence, and withdrawal from fun activities in life? Gerry Kearney from Claregalway answered yes to these questions just a few short months ago and decided to take the step to do something about the excess weight he was carrying.

“Last August I decided I wanted a better lifestyle,” he recalled. “I wanted to be fitter and healthier so that I could meet the everyday demands of home, work, and my sporting life. I wanted to have the energy to play with my four-year-old daughter without getting out of breath, or go for a family walk. I wanted to be able to set up a training session for the team that I coach, without feeling tired.”

Late last August, Gerry spoke to the team at Motivation Weight Management Galway and put his weight loss plan in motion. The team at Motivation believe that the secret to weight loss and long term weight management lies in the way we think. “When you treat obesity by means of a diet or exercise you are only treating the symptoms of the condition,” said programme founder Dr Maurice Laroque. He believes that weight loss can be achieved through diet, but that long term weight maintenance can only be achieved by dealing with the behaviour and attitude that is behind the problem.

Weekly consultations take place on a one-to-one basis, and Gerry believes that they were key to his success. “I firmly believe that without the help and guidance of the team at Motivation, I would not have reached my goal,” he said. “For me to achieve my weight loss I had to believe that it was possible, and the team at Motivation put the steps in place to help me get there.”

According to clinical studies, the Motivation programme has an 86 per cent success rate, with those who continue on the maintenance programme keeping the weight off for a minimum of four years.

“Let's face it, losing weight is a challenge and don't let anyone tell you any different, but when you reach your target weight the benefits are worth it,” Gerry added. “Clothes shopping is now a joy and I have a choice instead of worrying if I will manage to find something to fit. And nothing makes you feel better than meeting an old friend or colleague and watching their reaction to your weight loss.”

With more than 100,000 success stories on record, Motivation Weight Management Clinics are growing, with the Galway clinic located in Parkmore. For further information visit www.motivation.ie or call (091 ) 480 160.


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