Notes for the season

Whether packing for a festival or business trip, taking stock of your wardrobe, and editing ruthlessly, is ultimately a cleansing and worthwhile chore. Every item in your wardrobe should only be there if it is working hard for you, on a regular basis.

Do you have a pair of denims that are flattering? A wardrobe staple, denims are always worth some investment when you consider PPW (price per wear ). Denim experts at Brown Thomas recommend that you bring at least four pairs into the fitting room, and ask for advice. When pressed, they all agree that J Brand and Victoria Beckham’s are the most dressy jean, and Salsa the hardest working (clever engineering can either hide your tummy or lift your bum ). For sheer value, Dr Denims wins. The jeggings (a cross between jeans and leggings ) in that range are so comfortable you will not want to take them off. Virtually all cuts are on trend, so long as you keep in mind proportion (your own in particular ). Your silhouette is always far more important in fashion than your size. Truly, size is just a number. Silhouette can be manipulated, and that’s where good clothing comes in.

Do you have a wonderful blazer that can miraculously “pull” together an outfit? Again, fit will be key. D&G do a smart retro Chanel inspired version, and Jesire is always a good label to look to for an affordable blazer; the three quarter length sleeve is dominant in its collections and such a feminine cut.

Next up, look closely at your dresses. Are they making life simpler for you? That is the point of a dress. Invest in one or two everyday versions, Max Mara and Love Moschino do very good ones, and what a time saver they can be in the mornings. When something more elevated is needed, a Coast ruffle or lace dress can fit the bill nicely. Paula Ka and Love Moschino are also known for their flattering dresses, and fine tailoring makes for flattering fit.

One of the main anchoring items you will have in your wardrobe will be a proper winter coat. Dream coat designers that instantly spring to mind would be Max Mara, Dianne Von Furstenberg, and Love Moschino. It’s all about the tailoring, and take note where the armhole sits — the higher up on the body, the tidier the line. Military inspired styles are bang on trend and tend to be sharp and fitted.

Your wardrobe basics include a core group of quality items that you can build on, all the while remembering, as my Auntie Iris used to say, “it’s only a fine line between an outfit and a get-up”! Finally, your bag should have form and function, and Mulberry’s Bayswater version fits the bill to perfection. Kate Moss is rarely seen without hers, in vintage brown, and they have recently come out with the coveted nude version.

Taking inventory of your wardrobe requires brutal honesty. Pare down and turf out. Rebuild and start again. That is the beauty of fashion — we all get second chances.



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