A most important test

We live in a colourful world with rainbows of colour everywhere we look. The hair colour business is no different, with an array of shades available to the client. Blondes, coppers, browns, brunettes, or reds in highlights, lowlights, slashes or splashes of colour or all over — clients are spoilt for choice.

Consumers are now more demanding and sophisticated than ever before and are usually in a hurry. They decide when they get up in the morning they want a colour in their hair and expect it then. However it is not as simple as that. It is extremely important that people who colour their hair are skin tested on a regular basis.

For first time clients to a new salon, the client needs a skin test completed prior to the appointment. This is also the case in her regular salon if the salon changes its colour brand. Salons should also be testing regular clients on a continual basis and documenting the results.

Skin testing takes approximately two minutes to complete. A small amount of the colour intended to be used is applied behind the ear and left on the skin for 24 to 48 hours, depending on the colour manufacturer’s instructions. If there is no reaction, the client can proceed with the colour.

A skin test is really important and is for the client’s benefit. The salon that tests you for allergies cares about your wellbeing.



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