Notes for the season

Tricky gifts

If you find yourself with your hands covering your ears and looking like that deranged subject in Edvard Munch’s famous painting, you have probably left your tricky gifts for last. Brown Thomas has six solutions below:

Solution: The Brown Thomas gift card for the woman in your life who appears to have everything, never fear! She hasn’t. There is always one thing she aspires to have, but guilt, budget, logic, and often common decency prevent her from buying for herself. Give the gift of freeing her of those constraints. Every woman knows a gift card is not real money, and we do not feel even slightly guilty using them (as opposed to cash, which we still use, but we feel guilty ).

Solution: A colourful Ralph Lauren jumper for the man who says he doesn’t want anything. Left to his own devices, every man will stick to the same two colours when purchasing clothing for himself. This presents us with a huge opportunity during the holidays, as Christmas is a time you can ease him out of his comfort zone with a gorgeous purple or celery green jumper that is guaranteed to suit his complexion, with the added benefit of blending into his existing wardrobe. This will not be difficult, of course, as more than likely it consists of blue and brown.

Solution: The Estée Lauder Blockbuster — valued at €427, you get it on counter at Brown Thomas for €69 when you buy a fragrance (which could be a gift for someone else ). A nice tradition to start for mothers and daughters or sisters or best friends. And there is always the added bonus that you will get the one thing out of the box that does not suit.

Solution: The Orla Kiely laptop holder. For your son’s girlfriend, who you don’t know well enough to gauge her style. It is colourful, stain resistant, and will let her stand out from the pack.

Solution: The Calvin Klein men’s PJs for your daughter’s boyfriend. He will love them. The gift box contains a soft cotton long-sleeve T-shirt and PJ bottoms. These are also great for lounging around the house, and get better with every washing.

Solution: Molton Brown’s luxurious hand cream. It is plant extract based, with essential oils, for your child’s teacher. You cannot go wrong with this little bit of luxury. It is always nice to remember the person who has such an important role in your child’s life, and whether she is a fashion plate or more down to earth, everyone uses hand cream.

If you still find that none of the above suits your particular dilemma, simply revert to first solution, and trust me, it will.



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