Last Train From Holyhead stations at the Town Hall

Bernard Field’s intimate and suspenseful drama, Last Train From Holyhead, returns to the Town Hall studio next week after a summer-long tour of the west. The play has been to Inis Mor, Roundstone, Inis Bofin, Inisheer, and Tuam in the run-up to its Town Hall return.

Last Train From Holyhead is set on a late train bound from Holyhead to London shortly after Christmas. There are only three passengers, two men and a gypsy woman, on board and when it’s announced that the train’s departure will be delayed for several hours they start to pass the time talking and playing cards. The men don’t know each other but the gypsy intimates to them that they are connected in some way and gradually the nature of that link is revealed over the course of the play. Initially the play seems like it’s going to be about cards or money because one man is winning a lot from the other, but as it progresses it slowly turns out to be about the hidden connection between the men. There’s a lot of suspense in the piece and it’s also very entertaining

The cast features Field himself, Shane Broughal and, as the gypsy, Jasmin Finn from Galway Youth Theatre.

Last Train From Holyhead runs at The Town Hall Studio from August 22 to 28 (excl Sunday August 24 ) at 8.30pm.



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