Nauseatingly talented - Sickboy come to Galway city

When you are an up and coming band it doesn’t usually hurt to have your first single played during a televised ad campaign. It especially doesn’t hurt when that ad is a national campaign for one of the biggest sporting events of the year. Such is the life of Sickboy, the Dublin-based band whose debut single ‘The A Tune’ made waves last year by becoming the theme tune for the 6 Nations Rugby adverts across the country. Add to this that it was the most requested song on Phantom FM and you have to admit that they are doing pretty well at getting their name out there. And next week their name comes to Galway city with shows at the Roisin Dubh (August 14 ) and Sally Long’s (August 15 ).

Made up of twin brothers Colm and Brian Giles, as well as Dan Doherty, Sickboy are a meld of “powerful but melodic sound that incorporates intense delayed guitar hooks, intelligent driving rhythm sections, and thoughtful yet sometimes cheeky lyrics”. Oh, and they have a pretty kickass live show as well.

Dubbed as one of Dublin’s hidden gems the boys are rapidly becoming known as one of the most promising unsigned acts in Ireland, and with their new five track triple A-side and double B-side EP Taken Away In A Car, they look poised to become even bigger. Produced by Marc Carolan, Muse’s live gem, the EP is being launched in conjunction with their intimate shows that will take place across the country this summer, including right here in Galway city, as the group prepares to put the finishing touches on their debut album.

Said to be an act to be “seen, heard, adored, and remembered”, Sickboy is undoubtedly a show that is not to be missed this year.

Sickboy play the Roisin Dubh on August 14 at 8pm and Sally Long’s on August 15 at 10pm. Tickets are available from the Róisín Dubh, Zhivago, and Redlight Records.


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