New season, new you

As the summer has come to a close, for most of us we are left with good memories of our holidays and the not-so-good extra holiday weight. All the overeating and partying has left us feeling sluggish and our skinny jeans are a little too snug. However there is a solution.

Xipisan™ weight loss programme is a revolutionary slimming aid supplement which is available through pharmacies nationwide and is dedicated to help you combat those stubborn pounds in a safe and healthy manner without causing the body any undue stress.

Its unique formula aids weight loss by removing fat from the body. It does not claim to give you an unattainable quick fix; instead it works alongside your balanced diet to give you the weight loss you require. Therefore it is possible to reach your desired weight by the time the party season rolls around without having to crash diet. With the temptation of new autumn fashions drawing us in, now is the time to work on the new you.

Derived from nature, Xipisan extracts come from a vegatal source known as Aspergillus nige. The advanced vegetal fat binder has no side effects and is therefore a welcome choice for those overweight or who are trying to lose a couple of pounds.

Xipisan molecules dissolve fatty tissue by purely mechanical means. Working before the fat is digested, Xipisan stimulates the digestive system by rapidly eliminating the binded fat molecules before they can be absorbed as fat in the body. In principle Xipisan functions like a sponge. Its active substance is released from the capsule during digestion and attaches to the body fat. The complex fat molecules cannot be digested and therefore leave your body easily.

You can easily test this principle for yourself: If you add fat to a glass of water it will dissipate evenly. But when you sprinkle the contents of a Xipisan pill into the water, the fat is soaked up and binds in seconds.

Xipisan is also beneficial to those who have reached their bikini body and want to maintain this new lower weight for the next season. The natural fat binding properties in Xipisan will prevent you putting on excess weight helping you maintain the ideal weight you worked so hard for.

Slimming supplements should be used as part of a balanced lifestyle. For a list stockists contact (01 ) 488 0624 or visit


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