Knight and Day

Cinema Review

Allright so it is a leave the brain at the door type of movie but what do you expect from an action rom-com starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, however, I enjoyed every minute of it as the pace is unrelenting and there are plenty of laughs.

I have always had mixed feelings about Cruise, as his ego seemed to inflate far beyond his stature. However, lately Cruise has been picking roles which allow him not to take himself so seriously and show off his comic timing. It is fair to say that the role of the slightly crazy, funny, but still charming action hero suits him. Diaz is back to being the cutesy damsel in distress. Although Diaz seems to be type-cast in these sort of ditzy roles, here she performs convincingly in the many action scenes, with the character eventually not crying at the first sight of a gun and actually kicking some enemy ass.

June Havens (Diaz ) is flying to her sister’s wedding when she bumps into the handsome Roy Miller (Cruise ). After an obvious flirting session Havens takes time out in the aeroplane’s toilet to have a hilarious pep talk with herself, while Miller is busy fending off, and deftly killing, bad guys who have been instructed to neutralise him and recover the Zephyr, a tiny battery sized perpetual energy source. Unfortunately, to Havens’ horror, this leaves no one to fly the plane, except for Miller who continues to be his alarmingly relaxed and charming self even when faced with crashing the aeroplane in a field. Havens is told to forget meeting Miller and not to trust FBI agents who come looking for him, however, she has seen and heard far too much and Miller must dramatically enter her life, time after time, to save it.

While surviving many attempts on their lives, in far flung places such as Austria, Jamaican Islands, and Spain, Havens remains continually confused about who to trust. The FBI claims that Miller is a crazy rogue agent out to sell the Zephyr to the highest bad guy bidder. Miller denies this and vows that he wants to protect the maker of the device and keep that technology from getting into the wrong hands.

Cruise and Diaz work surprisingly well with each other providing some very funny moments. Although there are a lot of improbable scenes the film is full of action and is very entertaining.

Verdict: 3.5/5



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