Neil Hamburger @ The Laughter Lounge

Neil Hamburger.

Neil Hamburger.

IF YOU are in any way prudish or easily offended then US comic Neil Hamburger may not be your kind of thing.

However if you enjoy a comedian whose routines range from variations of “Why did the chicken cross the road?” to celebrity targets like Michael Jackson, Paris Hilton, and Princess Diana, then go to The Laughter Lounge in the Róisín Dubh next Wednesday at 8.30pm to see him.

Neil Hamburger is the character played by Gregg Turkington and is a kind of satire on bad stand ups and people with questionable views.

If you’re willing to delve past his (intentionally ) awful jokes and absence of grace, you will find a rewarding, fully realised character, who manages to be vaudevillian and contemporary.

Support on the night is from Glenn Wool and David McSavage. Monty will be DJing afterwards. Tickets are available from the Róisín Dubh and Zhivago.



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