Incomplete council work hampering Mervue's Pride of Place entry - Healy Eames

Fine Gael Galway Senator Fidelma Healy Eames has written to Galway City Council asking for a list of jobs to be completed so that the St James Road and Crescent area of Mervue will be brought up to a safe and acceptable standard for the families that live there.

“The local residents take great pride in their area and are frustrated by the fact that outstanding work has not been completed despite their constant requests. Mervue has been entered in the Pride of Place competition, which is a 32 county-wide competition. However, the residents feel at a distinct disadvantage while these outstanding jobs remain undone.

“Some of the 10 jobs submitted pose potential hazards to the community if they are left unattended,” said Senator Healy Eames.

The list of jobs to be done include: The tarmacking of the gravel pathway in the green space leading to the bus stop between St James' Crescent and St James' Road, which is unsafe in wet weather and difficult for wheelchairs to navigate - this request has been ongoing since 2006/2007; the replacement of the green strip at the bus stop edge which gets wet and slippery and is a potential hazard; wheelchair kerb access onto the green area needed in St James' Crescent - there are five wheelchair users in this area of Mervue who are negatively impacted by the lack of kerb access; ramp for car access to a number of homes where the city council mended the road but did not replace the ramp according to building regulations.

“I am calling for a specific response on each item from the council with a timeframe for delivery. In most cases there is not a major cost involved but attention is needed. I am hopeful that the work will be completed without delay,” concluded Senator Healy Eames.


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