Cow barns and attics still reveal valuable antiques, says auctioneer

The country’s attics and cow sheds are holding an enormous amount of valuable antiques, a KIlcolgan-based auctioneer said this week ahead of a major auction in the village on Monday next.

At the event, a wide array of antiques and art will come under the hammer at the Walsh & Walsh Antique & Fine Art auctioneers, The Galway Auction Rooms, Kilcolgan. More than 1,100 items will go under the hammer at the auction.

Auctioneer Paul Wa;l is eagerly anticiapting the event which is the culmination of anatiowide serach for valuable pieces.

“Since March I have been in every part of the thirty two countries viewing antiques and art before they were packed away for transportation to the auction rooms, I have been in the drawing rooms of some most notable houses, their attics and basements and discovered some really exciting lots, in some cases to the surprise of their owners.

“The occasional cow barn has revealed they can house more than cows sometimes. I am never surprised at where valuable antiques are sometimes found. During the 1920s when some of the big houses were burned the locals arrived to save what they could before the fire really took hold and sometimes they made they made their way home. I suppose the intentions were good, that was the main thing. Valuable items do keep turning up but not everyone recognises them and unless we get to see them they may never be discovered,” he said.

Mr Walsh added that Monday’s auction will be special as Irish furniture is always in demand and this auction includes two pieces, an early 19th century Irish side table and a Pembroke table carrying the stamp of Butlers of Dublin, a superb pair of demi lume marquetry side tables, a Georgian and a Victorian grandfather clock.

“ I think what makes our auctions so appealing is the diversity of lots on offer and with lots being sold from ten euros to the thousands there is something for everyone. The auction includes Snaffles prints, Hardy fishing rods, jewellery including a 2ct diamond solitaire diamond ring, hundreds of lots of Victorian and Edwardian furniture, German War medals, swords, bayonets, paintings and prints. Artists such as Kenneth Webb, Markey Robinson and many other. A pair of ten foot entrance gates, stone troughs, I could go on and on.

“Sometimes auctions can be a little intimidating but we have a great team both on the floor and in the office and you will feel welcome whether you spend nothing or a lot and I am on hand throughout the viewing days to advise if anyone needs help,” he said.

“My function as an Antique & Art Auctioneer is to value the items coming in for auction and to place what I feel is a fair estimate on them in the current market, thankfully the estimates are quiet accurate as usually 85 per cent of what sells at each auction sells between the lower and higher estimate.

“I think buyers are happy with that accuracy it gives them confidence in what they are buying. Sometimes hotly contested lots will breach the upper estimate as will others fail to reach the lower estimate which is good too, sure no one would come to an auction if there was no chance of getting a bargain.

The auction starts at 10.30am sharp and will finish around 7pm. Tea and refreshments are available at the auction.



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