Laser eye surgery has the stars throwing away their specs

Laser eye surgery is the latest celebrity trend. More Irish than ever before are throwing away their specs and following the celebrity trend of having laser eye surgery.

Nicole Kidman, Brad Pitt, Courtney Cox, Brian O’Driscoll and even Sir Elton John - who was famed for owning 20,000 pairs of fancy frames - have all freed themselves from wearing glasses and have opted for corrective eye surgery instead.

What is laser treatment?

Sight problems occur when the cornea, the front surface of the eye, becomes slightly misshapen preventing light from focusing properly on the back of the eye, the retina.

Laser eye surgery can help improve short-sightedness (myopia ) when the cornea is too steeply curved, long-sightedness (hyperopia ) when the cornea is too flat, and astigmatism when the cornea is more steeply curved in one part of the eye than another.

There are fundamentally two types of laser treatment - LASIK and LASEK. Laser eye treatment works by reshaping the cornea of the eye.

The difference between the two is the way the protective outer layer of the eye is temporarily moved aside. With LASEK, the surface is softened and then moved aside.

With LASIK, the surface is lifted creating a temporary flap that is replaced after the laser is applied. At your initial consultation, the specialists will advise on the best options for you. Optilase is Ireland’s largest provider of laser eye surgery in Ireland and has carried out over 30,000 eyes.

Optilase was Irelands first independent laser eye clinic and the choice of many Irish celebrities. Optilase offer free consultations and have locations in Dublin and Cork. For a free consultation, call 1890 301 302 or visit



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