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Are you sick of having yellow and stained teeth? Like most people, you have probably vowed at some point to get your teeth whitened but remain unconvinced that your money will be well spent. After all, the costs can range from €10 for simple whitening toothpaste to as much as €1,200 for a de luxe laser treatment.

Teeth whitening is a relatively new industry and most of us are therefore ill informed as to what works, what is good value for money, and what will avoid compromising on health and safety. The Whitehouse has clinics based in Dublin north and south and Galway. The company offers a complete price of €220, including two free touch up treatments.

People generally get their teeth whitened to create a better impression. According to findings at the Beall Research and Training Centre, we now know for certain that a new smile makes you appear happier, more intelligent, interesting, successful, wealthy, and more attractive to the opposite sex. It is perhaps little surprise that the Association of Cosmetic Teeth Whitening reports tooth whitening is now the fastest growing cosmetic industry in the UK and Ireland, growing year on year at a rate of more than 10 per cent. The Whitehouse clinic warns, however, that the Beall findings should not make us all rush off to get our teeth whitened. Teeth whitening is a long term investment in your own happiness and self-esteem and so should be thoughtfully considered.

There are a number of products currently on the market. These include whitening toothpastes, whitening strips, specially moulded take home trays or, of course, laser or heat bulb teeth whitening.

The Whitehouse advises people to exercise particular caution in the use of mouth shields or gum trays. This alternative generally requires a patient to insert gel into a specially moulded plastic shield, which must then be worn overnight for a period of around two to three weeks. While treatment regimens can cost up to €600, they usually do not produce really significant results. They can be painful or uncomfortable when worn overnight, and can cause itching or burning sensations to the soft gum tissue. If consumers do not go to their dentist to get mouth shields, they also run the risk of using gels with a high pH level which can slowly corrode enamel and aggravate any present conditions, including gum disease.

If you are considering this form of treatment, ensure that you visit a certified dentist for peace of mind. The Whitehouse can provide take home ‘do-it-yourself’ kits, but in the interests of saving its customers money and sanity, it advises against this form of treatment, claiming that the average results do not warrant the cost.

While whitening strips and toothpastes are considered quite safe, they also tend to cost a lot of money. Despite regulation, some whitening toothpastes continue to act as an abrasive agent, which scrub off stains like sandpaper and are not particularly healthy for the enamel. The majority of other whitening toothpastes do a good job in lifting off extrinsic stains, but can not change the intrinsic coloration of a tooth. This is because they cannot physically penetrate the dentine layer of the tooth. For the same reason, whitening strips do not cause significant whitening and can also be quite expensive.

The Whitehouse strongly recommends laser teeth whitening for the most effective and quickest teeth whitening alternative (the whole treatment is finished in one hour and the results are outstanding ). At The Whitehouse, which has extended its clinics to Eyre Square, Galway, whitening is now cheaper than most forms of mouth shields or whitening strips, and teeth whiten by an average of eight shades and as high as 14 shades for very stained teeth. The results are so prominent, the company also offers a 100 per cent money back guarantee if it does not whiten clients’ teeth.

In terms of technology, the Whitehouse uses a revolutionary cold, blue, fibreoptic laser light, which is filtered to remove all harmful UV and IR light. Indeed, the new Beyond Polus system is widely regarded as the safest and most effective treatment in the current marketplace. Developed in Silicone Valley, the Polus enables the dentine of the tooth to be penetrated. This is the layer underneath the enamel and is responsible for the intrinsic coloration of a tooth. The overall consequence is a more comfortable and shorter treatment (requiring less preparation ) and this has enabled significant reductions to the overall treatment cost.

The Whitehouse has priced its service at the lower end of the market to make teeth whitening available to all consumers. Because the Whitehouse only specialises in laser teeth whitening it can keep costs progressively low. The price of €220 covers the entire treatment. There are no additional costs and no need to return at a later date. The €220 offer also includes two free touch ups available with 18 months after your initial visit.

The Whitehouse Galway is located on the lower floor of the Eyre Square Shopping Centre, and also operates out of several locations throughout Ireland. All treatments are performed by fully qualified dental nurses or a dentist. If clients want the confidence and natural boost to self-esteem that comes with Ireland’s safest and most effective laser teeth whitening technology, the Whitehouse receptionists will be able to take calls from 9am to 7pm Monday to Saturday on (091 ) 534 929. Alternatively, visit which also features a live demonstration of the treatment on TV3's Ireland AM.


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