Only the Power Plate shifts weight

Summer is here and the time has come to bare more flesh. So rather than hide under loose fitting clothes this summer why not feel proud to show off your body.

BodySmart combines personal training with the latest fitness technology, to deliver the most effective exercise results to men and women of all ages and capabilities. The BodySmart workout is based on the Power Plate which uses gravity to intensify the workout, so you can get great results without spending hours in the gym. Clients have seen their body shape change in as little as three 25 minute sessions.

Other devices on the market only vibrate. Vibration by itself is mainly useful for enhancing circulation, but will not change your body composition. Power Plate is the only device on the market which combines vibration and gravity. The body’s muscles respond to gravity by contracting and relaxing between 25 and 50 times every second, so not only will regular use of the Power Plate dramatically aid weight loss and toning, it will also increase metabolism, improve the appearance of cellulite, muscle and skin tone, and reduce stress. The decline in metabolism is directly linked to the loss of muscle that happens naturally with ageing. Once we reach the age of 30, our bodies lose about half a pound of muscle every year unless we do something to protect it. Muscle doesn’t necessarily add bulk, but muscle consumes 10 times more fuel than fat. One pound of muscle burns approximately 50 calories per day, whereas a pound of fat burns only five. If we replace five pounds of fat with the same amount of muscle, then the body naturally needs 250 calories more fuel per day. If you are careful about your diet, then your body will get the extra fuel it needs from fat stores. Put simply, muscle eats fat.

A diet without muscle protecting exercise leads to muscle loss rather than fat loss, which means that when you stop dieting your body is left with less muscle, and so your metabolism is slower than before and you gain the weight back twice as fast.

BodySmart also gives you free nutritional advice and a complimentary body composition analysis measuring weight, fat percentage, fat mass, visceral fat, and metabolic age. This process is repeated once you have completed your sessions to show the results achieved.

With classes starting every half hour throughout the day, BodySmart allows clients to work out at whatever time suits best. Clients have an appointment and work with a personal trainer at every session. Workouts increasr in intensity as your fitness level improves, so your body is challenged at every session.

This modern approach to exercise has been a huge hit with celebrities, with supermodel Cindy Crawford the latest to pledge allegiance to the Power Plate. Other fans include Claudia Schiffer, Elle MacPherson, Courtney Cox, and Dannii Minogue. The Power Plate is also used by high-performing athletes from Premiership soccer teams, the Leinster rugby squad, and golfers such as Phil Mickelson, Mike Weir, and golf guru Dave Pelz.

A research project presented to the European Congress on Obesity in May 2009 found that the Power Plate helps users lose twice as much weight and shed twice as much dangerous belly fat as traditional workouts. It revealed that Power Plate, used with a calorie restricted diet, was around 2.7 times more successful at achieving long term weight loss than a diet combined with a normal fitness routine.

Imagine personal training for as little as €5.75 a session. BodySmart is all inclusive — the BodySmart workout caters to any age group and fitness level, including elite athletes, skiers, golfers, individuals with joint and mobility problems, who suffer from MS, osteoporosis, and other neuro-muscular conditions, and the average person who simply wants to stay in shape and feel young.

BodySmart Barna is located on the ground floor of the 12 Hotel. Call (091 ) 596100 to book in for a free introductory session and feel the benefits of the BodySmart workout for yourself. There’s no obligation and it’s fun, fast and free.


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