Farmyard manure at Keane’s Garden Centre

Keane’s Garden Centre, Kilcolgan, is continuing to offer great value this growing season with special offers on farmyard manure.

Farmyard manure has many benefits to the garden. It improves the soil structure by increasing moisture content and aerating the soil. It also provides nutrients through its high organic matter content, encouraging good growth in plants such as fruit, vegetables, and roses. It is also beneficial to gardeners who wants to grow their own fruit and vegetables organically. Farmyard manure encourages beneficial soil organisms which further improves the soil structure.

The farmyard manure available at Keane’s, Kilcolgan is locally sourced, organic, and well rotted which makes it ideal for spreading as a mulch over the soil or for digging into the ground during planting. It is available in large 150 litre bags, in tonne bags, or can be loaded onto a trailer if you have a larger area to cover.

There are many other fertilisers available at Keane’s Garden Centre, Kilcolgan, such as poultry manure, fish, blood, and bone meal, and HumberPalmers. HumberPalmers are granular organic based fertilisers suitable for application on the lawn, flowers, and shrubs and on vegetables like potatoes, carrots, cabbage, and lettuce. It is an easy and convenient way of ensuring that everything in your garden is well fed the whole season through.

For more visit Keane’s in Kilcolgan or phone (091 ) 796660.


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