Redecorate your bedroom

Your bedroom is no doubt the sanctuary in your home. It is the place where you rest your head at the end of each day, and somewhere where you find rest. Your bedroom needs to be as peaceful as possible, a relaxing room where you are able to forget the stresses of your day.

A lot of sleep experts say that your room should be for sleep and sleep alone, and a TV is a stimulant that could cause you to have restless sleep. This makes sense; the bedroom should be for sleeping, and nothing else. The moment you have a television in the bedroom, you may be inclined to turn it on when you lie down, keeping you awake for longer and also stimulating you, which could cause you to have a more restless sleep. In addition to this, you may become dependent on the TV to fall asleep. This is a common problem.

Once you have taken the stimulant out of your bedroom, you can decide what colour you would like your room to be. You need to have the calmest colour you can think of in your bedroom. Muted, neutral, colours are usually best, such as beige and light browns. These earth tones are warm and will make your room cosier, and are easy to coordinate with. Light blue or green is a very calming and relaxing colour.

If you are going to go with a good, calming, blue, you could think of giving your room a beach house look and feel. This would mean that your linen and curtains could be white, with perhaps a blue throw over the bed. You could place a nice white wicker chair in the corner of the room with a sea blue throw over it. Your furniture could be white washed beach wood type, and you can have a hardy, blue and white striped rug on the floor. For an added effect, you could add white candles in clear glass votives around the room, as well as a beautiful vase or bowl filled with sand or beach shells. There are stunning ocean landscape paintings that can be put up in the bedroom, to add to the effect.

The important idea to stick to when you are decorating your room is to go with themes and colours that make you feel rested and happy. Putting a nice little armchair and small bookshelf in a corner can offer you a peaceful space to read and relax. Remember not to bring work or anything else that would stress you out into your room.

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