Communist consumerism @ 126

Deng By The Sea by Ben Sloat.

Deng By The Sea by Ben Sloat.

CHINA IS the rising global, economic, power, one of the world’s largest economies. It is a country on the rise and this phenomenon is examined in a new exhibition in Galway.

Package From China, the debut European exhibition, by the American artist Ben Sloat, is currently on show in the 126 gallery, Queen Street.

Sloat’s exhibition examines the economic and cultural relationship with China through the exchange of manufactured products on the global market. Through themes of consumerism, material, and value, Sloat looks back to the origins of China’s contemporary boom: Deng Xiaoping’s Southern Tour of China in 1992 which opening the region to expanded economic trade.

Deng’s famous adage “To Get Rich Is Glorious” is constructed into a large text piece, made from materials found at a 99c store across from the artist’s studio. Propaganda posters of Deng are repainted in duplicate and triplicate in different Chinese painting factories, commodifying Deng’s iconography in a situation of his own creation.

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