Expect some Bethlemayhem from So Cow and friends

BETHLEMAYHEM 09, a night featuring some of the best local and new indie bands takes place upstairs in the Róisín Dubh tonight at 8pm.

There will be performances from So Cow, Local Living Guy, A Silver Mount Burren, Big Monster Love, Declan Q Kelly, and Rural Savage. The night is being co-organised by members of A Silver Mount Burren.

So Cow is something of an indie/underground phenomenon. He is Tuam songwriter/vocalist/guitarist Brian Kelly. His 1970s styled pop-rock songs are some of the kookiest yet catchiest songs you are ever likely to hear and he has been praised by the influential on-line music journal Pitchfork which said:

“If you’ve ever been young and unlucky in love, the Irish multi-instrumentalist has a song that will strike exactly that kind of emotional chord...Kelly plays rickety guitar-pop that sounds homemade without feeling insular...sing-along hooks and scruffy charm abound.”

Local Living Guy is the project of Shantalla local/Edinburgh-based Kieran Curran, who will be playing songs that range from indiepop to the twee and noisily distorted.

Rural Savage are a Galway-based garage racket band who will be playing tuneful punk slime inspired by Buncrana, Buckfast, and bogmen! Galway’s Declan Q Kelly plays atmospheric dream-pop keyboard heavy music.

The night will finish with a performance from A Silver Mount Burren, an innovative improv five-piece collective composed of Brian Kelly, Kieran (Local Living Guy ), Jimmy Monaghan (Music For Dead Birds ), Laura (Local Living Guy/Rural Savage ), and Declan Q Kelly. Expect Krautrock styled keyboard melodies, two noisy drums, catchy basslines, and screechy guitar.

Admission is free. See also www.myspace.com/asilvermountburren



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