Let’s talk about bags

By Jasper Conran

By Jasper Conran

A must have accessory, a bag can make or break an outfit. Whether for daytime or evening, your bag should suit your lifestyle, your outfit, and your shape — do not assume that you can wear one bag with all your outfits. However this does not mean that you should have a wardrobe full of handbags. Instead, choose fewer good quality pieces that can be worn with at least two outfits. You will get more wear out of them and save money in the long run.

Every wardrobe should have a minimum of three bags: One day bag for rest or play (in a funky colour and fabric ), one for work (in a neutral colour so you can easily match it up with your work clothes ), and one evening bag (start with a neutral colour clutch bag ) that will suit your outfit(s ) for special occasions or nights out. Once you have this core collection, you are free to purchase more bags in interesting colours and styles.

When purchasing a bag, the price tag should not be the main factor of choice. It is what suits you, suits the occasion, complements your wardrobe, and what you like. You can find beautiful, affordable pieces in the high street, but your can treat yourself to a designer bag if you wish so long as it is the right one and you can wear it again and again with confidence.

As well as being stylish and practical, bags are also an excellent tool to make the most of your shape. Bags are great for drawing attention to your best features. For example, if you wish disguise heavy bump or tights, carry a shoulders bag (in a brighter colour ) just under the arms.

By wearing a bag (with interesting colours, shape or details ) in the hands or on the forearms, you will cleverly draw the attention away from a heavy chest.

If you carry most of your weight on your tummy, then a crossover bag will break the weight of the mid section.

If you are petite, you will always look best with a small to medium size bag as opposed to big oversized bags that will swamp you.

Bigger, oversized, bags will always look best on tall women.

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