2009 trendiest bathrooms

The bathroom has recently undergone a radical transformation. Previously regarded as a purely functional room, it has now seen a real shift in value to that of a living area and place of sanctuary. The technical and functional aspects of the bathroom are now being extended by emotional factors. The design factor is therefore of vital importance, as both functional aspects, and the presence of a calming emotional atmosphere need to co-exist.

This shift in meaning means that wellness and luxury are the main reasons behind the designs in the bathroom the sanitary facilities and the choice of materials, colours, and surfaces are becoming more and more important.

Here are some of the latest must-haves for your bathroom.

Electronic taps

Electronic taps can operate by infrared sensor, so it shuts off if the children forget. No more germs or soap gloop on the handles, either. They can also be set to a maximum temperature for safety.

Television mirror

Now you can start each day well-groomed and well-informed. Television mirrors allow you to apply makeup or brush your teeth as you check the weather or catch last night’s sports scores on a 13-inch LCD television. When the screen is activated, it is visible as a window within the mirror; when it’s off, you see only a mirror reflection. Recessed and surface-mount models integrate with cable, satellite, and DVD players.

Automatic bath

Taking a bath is relaxing; waiting for it to fill isn’t. Some systems now prepare your bath for you. Just press a button on the control module and walk away. When you come back, the tub will be full — or half-full, if you prefer — and just the temperature you like. The system automatically shuts off the water at the desired volume and remembers favourite temperatures for up to three people.

Double-head shower

A double-head shower system combines a showerhead and body spray in one easy-to-install unit. The two heads sit on a tubular arm that pivots 180 degrees to direct water flow up as showerheads or down as body sprays. Each showerhead rotates 360 degrees and generates wide and pulsator spray patterns

Intelligent toilet seats

Imagine the marital bliss when the toilet seat takes care of itself — and pampers you into the bargain. The latest tankless ‘washlet’ turns the toilet into a warm-water cleansing unit. Gentle front-and-back aerated spray, oscillating spray massage, a heated seat, automatic deodoriser, and warm drying make hygiene high-tech. Approach and the lid automatically opens. Stand there and the seat rises, too. When you leave, it automatically flushes and the lid closes.

Personal shower system

You may not have a separate shower for each member of your family, but you can make it feel like you do. The latest unit accommodates tall and short bathers with a new personal shower system that features a 24-inch slide bar mount. Users position the personal shower wand at their comfortable height, then extend the 59-inch hose for even more flexibility. The system comes in chrome or brushed nickel finishes.



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