Jungle Door - ex-girlfriends seek to rekindle a friendship

Galway theatre company Eva’s Echo to present new play at the Town Hall Theatre

MICHELLE AND Louise are former girlfriends, and across a year of joyous events, disheartening experiences, and somehow, hope, they manage to rekindle their friendship.

This is Jungle Door, the new play from Galway theatre company, Eva’s Echo, which will be performed at the Town Hall Theatre on Wednesday November 10 at 8pm. The show will feature original music.

Challenged by beauty standards and the housing crisis Michelle smiles through the filler and plans her perfect day, unaware her bridesmaid is hiding a dark secret.


Photo:- Catriona Bonner Photography

The play explores topics unique to a queer relationship between a lesbian and a bisexual woman, as well as the housing crisis, and the impact of social media on mental health.

Founded by Rena Bryson and Hazel Doolan, Eva’s Echo create work based on issues relevant to contemporary Ireland, and represent queer characters by not focussing exclusively on their sexuality, but rather on their individual struggles.

Jungle Door is written by Rena Bryson and stars Rena and Hazel Doolan. It is directed by Cornelius Dwyer, with design by Sabrina Kelleher.

Tickets are available via 091 - 569777 and www.tht.ie


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