Achieve your fitness goals with All Core Gym

All Core Gym Health and Fitness, Parkmore, provides the health, fitness, and maintenance for everyone, young and old, to stay optimally healthy and strong. It offers a full gym and workout service for all clients who wish to avail of it.

All Core Gym offers simple exercise based programmes to help you achieve your goals. The team always look at exercise in its simplest form, allowing your body to adapt to it progressively. Progress is not forced, but a sensible gradual approach to your own results.

"My story started when my first daughter was born," said Michael Horan, owner and founder of All Core Gym. "Born with cerebral palsy, it was hard start to family life and hard to comprehend. I immediately wanted to understand human movement and why dysfunction had such an effect not only on my daughter, but for everyone in general. All Core Sports specialised in the use of AlterG anti-gravity treadmills over 10 years ago, as part of my daughter's training. The treadmill encircles the user's lower body to essentially remove body weight in different percentages. It takes the pressure off multiple joints while still allowing the clients a cardio workout.

"Here at All Core Gym you get hands-on help from our wonderful team of enthusiastic coaches. We take guess work out of training and provide you with tangible facts that dictate what we prescribe."

General gym membership is €40 per month, paid by direct debit on the first of the month. There is no sign up fee and no minimum contract. The student rate is €25 per month.

Call 091 673747 between 12 noon and 6pm for information and to avail of your free gym session. All Core Gym is located beside Galway Racecourse and has ample free parking for members. If you think you have the personality and ambition to be an ambassador then call Michael Horan on 087 6115969 to discuss.


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