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Are you looking for therapies to help you maintain a healthy body and mind this autumn? Visit the experts in holistic wellness at SALT Float and Recovery Suites, located two minutes off the M6 in Briarhill Business Park and open seven days.

See what Galway’s best known wellness practitioners have to say about their experiences at SALT.

"From dealing with muscle and joint dysfunction daily, I love to recommend a ‘float’ to my patients. Perfect for easing muscle aches and pains. The sense of relaxation and ‘lightness’ associated with the float is of huge benefit to calming the central nervous system. SALT offers compression therapy and it is a great addition after the trigger point dry needling to assist with inflammation and pain, helping with range of motion while flushing the body of lactic acid. If you’re looking for your own private space to wind down and detox, the sauna is hands down the one for me. It’s a treat and a necessity at the end of a long day or week." - Stephanie Dowling-Folan, Galway Holistic, Briarhill.

"As physical and mental health and wellness advocates, we are always looking for new practices that can help soothe both body and mind. Flotation therapy has been one of the most relaxing and deeply nourishing mindfulness practices we’ve experienced. The body feels held and weightless in the warm water while the mind is encouraged to be still and present. It feels incredible on aching joints and muscles too, and works as a fantastic body recovery programme. Nicola and Adrian are a remarkable duo that have created something special and unique for Galway." - Hannah and Rachel, Yoga Mara - tailor made wellness.

"As a therapist I'm always trying to encourage my clients to find ways to manage stress. I think the ‘floats’ are perfect. They provide the unique experience of encouraging a full body and mind unplug. The surrender of the body and mind in the water allows a deep level of relaxation that it can be challenging for people to achieve in other ways in our busy lives." - Annmarie Murray, Massage Therapist & Bio Energy, Briarhill.

Treat yourself, a friend or a loved one to an experience at SALT.

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