Darragh O'Dea - new album and County Galway shows

Tuam singer-songwriter to release debut album, Tilly And The Postmaster, in October

FOLLOWING THE release of the single, 'Guerrilla Warfare In Your Back Garden', Tuam singer-songwriter Darragh O'Dea, has announced a debut album and two Galway gigs this winter.

O'Dea will release his debut album, Tilly And The Postmaster - a title inspired by the artist’s grandparents - on October 29 via Pharmacy Attic Records. He will also play The Mall Theatre, Tuam, on December 18 2021, and Campbell’s Tavern, Cloughanover, on March 12 2022.

'An ancient and much-loved pastime'

A taste of the new album came via the recent release of the single, 'Guerrilla Warfare In Your Back Garden', which featured Birmingham folk singer-songwriter Katherine Priddy.

“It is a song about the ancient and much-loved pastime of fighting over land and inheritance, the constant seeking of land for land’s sake,” says O’Dea, “and the wills and the contesting of wills, and who was left what? I think many Irish people will have some sort of experience with this in one way or another.”

O’Dea’s music is influenced by Kevin Morby, Bright Eyes, Christy Moore and Willy Mason, and there is a strong, narrative, storytelling streak to his lyric writing, which also seeks to use historical imagery to tell present-day stories.

For more information see www.darraghodeamusic.com, Facebook, and Instagram.


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