How To Make The Most Out Of A Motorhome Road Trip In Ireland

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Whether you are road tripping in your motorhome or looking for an experience to remember, it is important to find the perfect destinations to fulfil the excitement of your trip. From beautiful greenery landscapes to rich culture, what better place to visit other than Ireland and its iconic destinations to complete your road trip of a lifetime. With some of the best places and scenery to kick back, relax, and make memories to last forever, here are some of the best hotspots for your perfect Ireland road trip.

Glengesh Pass: a trip to remember

Often described as one of the most scenic and magical roads in Donegal, Glengesh Pass is the perfect route for those travelling in their motorhomes. When driving through Glengesh Pass you will find the most picture perfect settings along the bendy road and you can enjoy a relaxing playlist to set the scene of the beautiful Irish landscape. The breathtaking route includes captivating views like the Assaranca Waterfall for your viewing pleasure along your road trip.

Be sure to add this spot to your motorhoming experience for a route you could never forget. Whether you choose to make a day trip of Glengesh Pass, or even decide to take an in-depth stay to fulfil the routes, travelling by motorhome gives you the opportunity to make the most out of your road trip adventures. Thompson Leisure offers a range of luxurious motorhomes and campervans for hire and sale in Ireland to help travellers fulfil the perfect road trip. Their vehicles include practical features and are available in a selection of styles to fit your preferences and desires.

Exploring the famous Cushendun Caves

Found on the famous Causeway Coastal route, the Cushendun Caves are an iconic hotspot for any Irish road trip. The dark and moody caves were formed 400 million years ago, known to be one of Irishs’ most monumental jewels of nature. For those that are fans of the famous Game Of Thrones, this marks the birthplace of Melisandre’s shadow baby, now that’s what you call an Instagram-worthy spot. Being close to the Cushendun’s caravan park, this is the perfect hideaway spot for any motorhome road trips to get their hands on to relax after a day of exploring the caves, ready for another day of adventure.

Indulging in the traditional Cork’s English Market

When you travel around Ireland you might wish to indulge in the fresh traditional food that Ireland has to offer or simply be at one with the Irish culture. Cork's English Market is one that will provide you with both a taste and an experience to remember. Despite the ‘English’ in its title, the market is an Irish spot that has served the people in the face of floods, famines, wars, and the many recessions. A trip back in history with the finest fresh produce is a day out you don’t want to miss. From spiced beef to buttered eggs, the Cork’s English Market provides a selection of grub and fun memories for your Irish road trip.

Discover the iconic Cliffs of Moher

A road trip in Ireland wouldn’t be complete without visiting the iconic Cliffs of Moher. Located in County Clare, visitors can explore the many things to do at the Cliffs of Moher where they can be at one with the wildlife. For those with a love for bird-watching, you will be in for a treat with birds like puffins, razorbills, falcons and many more. The landscape of the beautiful sea with sharks and dolphins being a common sight is a scene you don’t want to miss. Exploring nature and creating your own trail along the cliffs is an unforgettable experience to finish off your magical Irish road trip.


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