Famous healer to visit Galway

A mountain of press cuttings shows the impact that Derry-based faith healer, Danny Gallagher, has had, since he discovered his gift for healing.

The seventh son of the seventh son has used his talents to relieve pain and suffering of people across more than 17 countries.

Gallagher has treated severely injured veterans of the Iraq War, restored the vision of a woman who was blind for 22 years, restored the hearing of a girl from Killybegs, and treated a wheelchair bound woman who subsequently walked again after 12 years.

He gained his reputation from the ability to cure a variety of ailments, from headaches to paralysis, skin complaints, cataracts, and depression, to serious illnesses such as cancer.

TV presenter Chris Tarrant is just one of the many people to vouch for what he called Gallagher’s "Godgiven talent", after watching the Maghera man heal people in one of his clinics.

The seventh son of a seventh son has been said to have the power to heal with his hands. Gallagher first became aware of his gift at the age of eight, when he had a dream that he cured a young girl by laying his hands on her and saying a prayer that was taught to him by a priest in his dream. When he was 17, Gallagher used the prayer to heal a young girl who was paralysed from the waist down and his life was forever changed.

He advises people to see their doctor before coming to him and is insistent that people continue to take their prescribed medicine. For details on how to contact Mr Gallagher, see the advertisement on Page 8.


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