Lose weight permanently with Lighter Life

A revolutionary new weight loss system which combines a specialist diet with group support, weight loss counselling, and ongoing support is now available in Galway.

Following on from its success in the UK, the Lighter Life programme has been launched in Galway by weight management counsellor Adam Butcher. The programme has been running in the UK since 1996 and has helped more than 100,000 people lose weight and maintain their weight loss in that time.

This safe and effective programme helps people to attain their ideal weight and keep it, by addressing the reasons behind overeating and poor dietary choices and changing clients’ attitudes to food.

The Lighter Life programme starts with an information session where you can have your weight and body mass index discreetly measured before embarking on your weight loss journey. Clients are also asked to attend their GP for a check-up, and regular check-ups are required during the programme.

The journey begins with the foundation programme where clients break from conventional food and follow a low calorie diet of Lighter Life soups, shakes, and bars, while attending weekly group meetings which help to address the reasons behind weight gain. These weekly meetings are led by a Lighter Life weight management counsellor who helps you to change behaviour patterns which lead to weight gain.

Once you reach a healthy weight, the Lighter Life management programme allows you to reintroduce conventional food and develop healthy, sustainable ways of managing your weight. The management programme includes advice on healthy eating and recipes, stress management, and ongoing support from the weight management counsellor and peer group meetings. This continues for as long as you need the support.

The benefits of weight loss are well documented — attaining a healthy weight can reduce your risk of certain cancers, heart disease, osteoarthritis, and type 2 diabetes, as well as improving back or joint pain, confidence, and overall fitness.

The Lighter Life programme allows people to gain a greater understanding of themselves and develop new skills which allows them to develop a healthier lifestyle, thus ensuring that weight loss is permanent.

The Lighter Life programme is monitored by the UK’s National Institute of Clinical Excellence, and adheres to the strict code of practice of the British Association of Clinical Practitioners.

For more information on the Lighter Life programme contact Adam Butcher, weight management counsellor, at (091 ) 765772, or visit www.lighterlife.com/adambutcher


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