Mayor laughs as political ‘exposure’ is given a new meaning

Monty Python, in its ‘Noël Coward Song’, advised men not to “take it out in public or they will stick you in the dock”. However a recent artistic ‘addition’ to the Mayor of Galway Pádraig Conneely might do his re-election campaign no harm at all.

Mayor Conneely has two different sets of election posters. One are of the standard type Fine Gael are using for the local elections, the other is a more individual kind. The later posters are quite large and show Mayor Conneely full length, in the mayoral robes and chain, with his name and mayoral title also depicted.

One of these ‘mayoral posters’ was given some special treatment by a graffiti artist, who decided to make some additions to Mayor Conneely’s image. The poster, located at the entrance to Corrib Village, has been adorned with genitalia dangling from Mayor Conneely’s trousers.

However the mayor is not offended by the image and has reacted to it with good humour.

“It’s very, very artistic,” he told the Galway Advertiser with a laugh. “ It’s looking good. Whoever the artist was, he spent a bit of time on it and he’s certainly made me well endowed! I have to say it’s funny and it’s well done.”


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