'Yo-yo dieting was controlling my life – I knew I had to make some changes'

"I was tired, frustrated, and emotionally drained from the repetitive, negative cycle of yo-yo dieting I had created. I desperately wanted to establish balance and not let dieting run my life.

"After years of analysing my weight and starting a diet every Monday, I knew I had to make some changes. I threw myself into the three-year nutritional therapy diploma at the prestigious College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM ) to learn more about the healing power of natural foods.

"Using myself as a guinea pig, I discovered a lot about myself along the way and I’ve finally established a balanced relationship with food. I knew food alone wasn’t going to be the answer for me; to make a permanent change, I had to take a more holistic approach, addressing my whole body, mind and lifestyle to understand the full picture.

"Studying naturopathic nutrition was the link I was missing. I’ve learnt how to identify the root cause of underlying symptoms and achieve balance using whole foods and lifestyle factors.

"I chose to study at CNM as it offered the best in-clinic training. The course was comprehensive and also provided extensive clinical experience. Being able to observe and participate in the student clinics prepared me for real-life clinic; I gained invaluable experience which was I able to take into my own practice.

"Attaining my nutritional therapy diploma transformed my life in so many ways. It’s enabled me to conquer a life-long relationship battle with food and also given me the understanding and knowledge I needed to help myself and others.

"I’d always loved supporting and helping people so when I became a nutritional therapist, I had finally found my calling.

"The industry is so versatile and I’ve been able to use my qualification in many ways. I’ve contributed to various magazines as part of an expert panel, helped implement corporate wellbeing programmes and supported student clinics. I have lots of other interesting projects coming up; the opportunities keep growing. My qualification has given me the platform to achieve my dreams and goals, and be in control of my life."

Do something life-changing, gain new skills, change career, and help others.

CNM has a 22-year track record training successful health professionals online and in class. Attend the next free online CNM open event. For more information call 01 878 8060 or book a course via cnmcourses.com


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