Festive favourite makes the new normal seem normal

There might be a lot of festive favourites missing this Christmas season — the traditional family get togethers, the crowds at Midnight Mass, the dressing up in your finest green and red for mulled wine and mince pies, the family row over Mrs Brown's Christmas Special, but let ye not fret, because one of the old reliables is back again for another lash at your Christmas palate.

The limited edition Festive 5oz is back again over the counters of your local Supermacs and is as tasty as ever. This is the irish equivalent of the Coca Cola truck signifying the holidays are coming.

The burgers are made from the finest of Irish prime beef and their succulence has a lot to do with the fact that they are never frozen. Fresh beef tastes better. Frozen beef loses moisture, and when you lose moisture you lose taste. And there is no taste lost here.

These are as fresh as they come. Cooked just the way you like it and topped up with caramelised onion and mushrooms.

Throw on a slice of Swiss cheese and a splash of light peppercorn mayo and Pat's Your Uncle — sandwiched together by a toasty crispy Kaiser burger bun.

The line 'back by popular demand' might seen consigned to the showband days when hailing the return of a worthy favourite, but that is exactly the reason the Festive 5oz is a regular on the Supermacs menu at this time of the year.

No sooner has Shane McGowan warbled on about the boys in the NYPD choir, but the Festive 5oz is up there looking down at us, with its tasty melty mushrooms and caramelised onions, tempting us to resist its appeal.

This was the burger made famous by Sean O'Brien a few years back and its appeal has never waned. It is juicy and luscious and that bun is to die for.

Be sure to check out www.supermacs.ie or drop in store at any of their 120 locations around the country before the festive season is over – you don’t want to miss out! Because before you know it, it will be January and then the Festive 5oz will be hibernating again for another year.


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