Is burnout killing your weight loss?

Did you know that your adrenal glands (on top of your kidneys ) hugely impact your weight loss success? In many people, adrenal burnout results in little or no weight loss. Even more important, these glands hugely influence your physical health, mental health, and ageing.

These small glands deal with all your stresses – including home stress, work stress, exercise, illness, anxiety, long shifts, lack of sleep, and dieting. They help maintain normal blood sugar levels. They fight fatigue. They help with disordered eating (ie, irregular eating ). They support thyroid function. As we get older, they help prop up our hormone levels to minimise the impact of ageing. For the above reasons alone, you can see how much they impact metabolism and weight loss when things go wrong. These glands are key pillars of a good metabolism.

Unfortunately, in most of us, these glands are under-functioning due to stress, and once they go out of order it is extremely difficult for them to recover. Outside of the unavoidable routine stresses, we hammer the adrenals with processed foods, excess sugar, excess caffeine, irregular eating, alcohol, over medication, and other lifestyle factors. Over-exercising is another threat to these glands.

Depleted and burned out adrenals result in a contact draining fatigue, broken sleep, powerful cravings, low immunity with constant colds, flus or viruses, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, irregular monthly cycles in women, difficulties getting pregnant, and huge mental upset. Of most interest for weight loss is that adrenal burnout impacts metabolism and despite great effort with food and exercise your weight loss results can be virtually non-existent.

The System 10 programme is about fixing these common metabolism problems with balanced nutrition and realistic exercise that helps to control weight loss. Fixing these metabolism problems gives you much easier and faster weight loss. It also gives much better weight loss because you burn real fat and get at stubborn fat areas including cellulite and can keep the weight off much easier afterwards.

Contact Grace on 087 1727882 for further information on System 10's weight loss plans.


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