Dream storage for your dream home at Komandor

The most common mistake the team at Komandor see clients struggle with is budgeting their interiors.

When prioritising your budget, think of what you will need when moving in and unpacking. When moving home, to fully unpack and avoid having any spare room or corner full of boxes, you need storage – storage for books, DVDs (yes, some people still have DVDs ), crockery, and of course clothes. Having well designed, permanent, storage built for all your bulk unpacking will save you time and stress in the future. If you have a walk-in wardrobe space with a clothes rail and stacked plastic boxes, you are wasting an amazing space that has so much potential.

Prepare your interior budget as whole. What are you prepared to spend in total? Then break it down to each room. Write down what you are willing to invest, and the items and finishes you would prefer not to compromise on or live without.

Get quotes early on to write a realistic budget, visit showrooms and view the product and do not be afraid to ask questions.

Remember, investing your budget in high quality products means that you will never have to replace them. It is worth mentioning that most people, when renovating their home, change most of their storage as it was not designed to the take advantage of the full potential of the space, or with their lifestyle or future in mind. For example, take your hobbies and lifestyle into account when designing storage. Do you really want to be tripping over golf clubs and school bags? When the designers at Komandor design for a child's room, they do so with a teenager/young adult in mind. Paint, bed covers, and accessories can be updated as the child grows, but realistically your four year old will be a 20-year-old one day, using the same wardrobe.

From the moment you have floor plans, Komandor can provide you with a quote. The company's designers are Safe Pass compliant, and can visit your site. The best part is seeing your future walk-in wardrobe or sliding wardrobe on Komandor's 3D software – you can watch your forever home come to life.

To get a free quotation and 3D design call Komandor at 091 766674 or visit the Komandor Wardrobes showrooms on the Sean Mulvoy Road, Galway.


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