Making the most of a spare bedroom

We all like to welcome family and friends into our home, but if we are fortunate enough to have an unoccupied bedroom it can become a bit of a dumping ground.

Leaving the door shut so it is out of sight is always an option, though that does not necessarily work when guests are staying for a while.

Fortunately, leading interior design house Neptune believe decorating a spare bedroom need not be an expensive exercise.

The key is choosing pieces wisely that provide comfort and style you are after, but that are not as costly as those in your own bedroom.

One tip is to choose a simple bed frame that will be largely hidden from view with the duvet draped over the edges, and invest instead in the headboard.

Another option is to lose the headboard altogether and to simply have a bed base with square pillows propped up.

A rug is a simple way to help a room to feel more decorated. If the size is too short to frame the entire bed, position the rug so that the lower two-thirds of the bed are covered, as this avoids the need to invest in a larger, more expensive, piece.

If your budget allows, try to add one more upholstered pieces, so that your spare room does not feel too scant.

An end-of-the bed stool or ottoman is a favourite among hotel designers and introducing one of these will immediately make your room feel like a more considered space.

If there is no storage, a slipper chair like Neptune’s Madeline acts not just as a seat but as a dressing chair as well, somewhere clothes and pyjamas can officially rest on.

Extra touches such as an upholstered headboard if you fancy it, a nice rug, a blanket bedspread, and bedside lamp will all work to make your guest room feel inviting and a little indulgent.

If you are struggling with space, you can make the most of your spare room’s potential by adding a large wardrobe where things such as winter coats can be kept.

Designs like Neptune’s Chichester wardrobe have a large bottom drawer, which is ideal for storing bedding and towels.

And don’t forget the one thing a guest room always needs is a bedside table. It makes people feel more at home when they have somewhere to stash a few bits and pieces.


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