‘I ended up that afternoon in the resuscitation area of my own department’

Three years ago I was working as an obese, fatigued, and run-down A&E nurse who had just become an emergency patient in her own department while at work. With a resting heart rate of nearly 200 beats per minute, high blood pressure, and atrial fibrillation diagnosis, things were not looking good at all. Holding down a very stressful and challenging career as well as studying herbal medicine, all while supporting a household of several young adults, had taken its toll.

In May 2016, during a 12-hour shift, I started experiencing adrenaline rushes. I felt a huge uncomfortable feeling in my upper chest area and called one of the health care assistants to do a quick ECG on me. I was in atrial fibrillation (AFIB ), an arrhythmia that orthodox medicine does not understand too well.

I ended up that afternoon in the resuscitation area of my own department feeling embarrassed and scared. I was put onto a cardiac monitor and given medicine then admitted overnight. After six hours, to my relief, my heart rate went back into normal sinus rhythm.

My AFIB symptoms were coming around four times a month, lasting around six to eight hours. These episodes were so debilitating and awful I just wanted to cry. I felt trapped in my own body, unable to go out or function normally. While reading various forums I saw it regularly stated that AFIB would not get better but worsen and become permanent.

I decided there and then I was going to change my lifestyle completely and go on a detox. I went online and found many CNM talks on nutrients which I found extremely interesting, so much so that I knew I wanted to one day do their nutrition course.

After three months of the change in diet and a strict intake of supplements, my AFIB was dramatically reduced to one episode a year and now, in over two years, there have been no episodes at all.

I am happy to say since writing this article I have enrolled on the CNM naturopathic nutrition course.

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