Exhibition at Kinvara Courthouse Gallery

The Burren through the eyes of the artist Patrick Kenneally

A work by Patrick Kenneally.

A work by Patrick Kenneally.

BOÍREANN IS the title of the first exhibition to be held at the KAVA Courthouse Gallery, Kinvara, since Lockdown in March, and the more recent easing of restrictions.

Boíreann, by Clare born artist Patrick Kenneally, opens tomorrow, Friday July 31, and runs until August 9. In the works for this show, Kenneally explores the Burren landscape of the Burren in a semi abstract, impressionist manner, with a strong emphasis on colour.

“An exaggerated interpretation of colour, form and light fill my palette from hazy morning shimmers to the last light of the day” says the Clare born artist. “To have such beauty and inspiration on your doorstep is truly a privilege."

Patrick is a graduate of the Limerick College of Art and Design and as well as being a practicing artist, teaches art in Seamount College, Kinvara. He lives and works in the Burren region.


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