Enjoy a daily online art exhibition

20 artists display a different set of works each day at 6pm for the Art In Lockdown Exhibition

The artist Adrienne M Finnerty with her work Joy Abundance.

The artist Adrienne M Finnerty with her work Joy Abundance.

DESPITE THE coronavirus restrictions and consequent social distancing, Galway can still look forward to attending an art exhibition each day at 6pm.

Art In Lockdown Exhibition is the title of both the exhibition and the Facebook page (see @artinlockdown ), and each day, 20 new paintings by 20 artists from across Ireland - as well as a number of Galway artists - are displayed.

Dermot Brennan Moody Blue

The 20 artworks are curated into daily albums, and posted on Art In Lockdown at 6pm each evening. At 12 noon the following day, there is a video recap of the previous evening's show. It is curated by artist Roisin Duffy. The participating artists are: Adrienne M Finnerty, Roisin Duffy, Petra Berntsson, Dermot Brennan [whose painting, Moody Blue, is pictured above], Marina Hamilton, Sharon McDaid, Paul Christopher Flynn, Kate Kos, Mary Tritscher, Clare Hartigan, Brenda O'Connor, Liam Jones, Syra Larkin [whose Reaching Out is below], Debbie Chapman, Karen Wilson, Miriam Fitzgerald-Juskova, Niamh O'Connor, John Nolan, Diana Marshall, and Peter O'Connor.

Syra Larkin Reading Out

"As Coronavirus cases in Ireland increased and people were urged to stay at home, a group of artists came together to give people a way to have their daily art and cultural fix from the safety of their own homes," says Adrienne M Finnerty, who is based in An Spidéal. "It gives people something to look forward to every evening, without leaving the house or putting anyone’s health in danger."


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