PAULI's Isolation Station available to stream on all platforms

Isolation Station EP went live on Friday June 26

PAULI is a brand new artist to emerge in Ireland. Inspired by lockdown the Cork born, Galway raised, and now Dublin based musician took his song writing to the bedroom where he wrote and produced a three track EP delving into everything from isolation, to binge drinking as well as dreams of love and loss.

Lead single ‘Cocoon’ is like a comfort blanket with its rounded deep beat and perfectly captures the current situation we find ourselves in, as PAULI sings “All we ever wanted to do was to cocoon you // To keep you safe and warm and hidden away”, “Sitting by the window frame”, and ‘What I wouldn’t give for just one touch of your hand”.

However, the single’s 90’s pop sensibilities accompanied by a smattering of irony bring a lightness and sense of hope to the single. All of us can relate to looking out our window frame as we work from home and yet, with ‘Cocoon’, the listener can imagine sitting by a beach or a Barbecue alongside a fire allowing the comforting waves of the single wash over you. As we embrace our current indoor and outdoor surroundings it reminds us better days are ahead.

The remaining tracks on Isolation Station, ‘The Fear’ and ‘Storm’ carry through the electro vibe but have a stronger resemblance to 90’s pop/rock thanks to electric guitar and plucky basslines. ‘The Fear’ is a sonic carnival ride on a ghost train populated by ghouls from the night before, while ‘Storm’ with its singer-songwriter feel and David Gray tinged vocals grapples with the aftermath of meeting someone from your past in a lucid dream. Isolation Station as a body of work captures a period of time that everyone can relate to.

With an ear for melodic, catchy pop PAULI references a wide range of influences including The Frames, The Strokes, Milky Chance, and Arctic Monkeys. Playing music since he was eight -years-old,  PAULI has been composing songs since his teens. After some experience in studio recording, PAULI has been mastering his craft at home and Isolation Station is the culmination of years of effort. With past compositions focusing on pop, folk, and indie, Isolation Station and single ‘Cocoon’ have veered into electro territory and capture a summery, beachy vibe with the power to transport.

Isolation Station was mixed and mastered by Stephen Lovatt in Little Wolf Studios with artwork from Fiona Cooney Design.



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