Try Oscars Seafood Bistro takeout menu


The May bank holiday weekend marked the 20th anniversary of Oscars. The first ever night in Oscars 20 years ago saw the business do three covers; there was no social media, smart phones, or modern communication.

Closing in March was a poignant moment for us due to the Covid-19 virus. This has been the third major world crisis for the business to weather; the other two being the Twin Towers' attack and subsequent war, and the financial crisis.

The one thing we have learned from the past (and the current situation is no different ) is to keep pushing on and to do the right thing regarding your employees and suppliers who make up the team. Only a determined team will push on through what will be an economic recessionary marathon likely to last several years. At the very beginning, Oscars' employees were given the option of what support was best for them; be it the 70 per cent / 30 per cent payroll system or the social €350 payment allowing the team at Oscars to remain largely intact and with no loss of income.

While closed, the kitchen crew volunteered in the COPE Galway community kitchen and to be honest this work has been an incredible eye opener of the importance of COPE Galway and the invaluable work they do in the community. If at all possible, we ask members of the public to support them in any way they can.

As for Oscars, we now have our takeout menu in operation and we have every intention of being around for the foreseeable next 20 years. Galway is the most incredible place in Ireland to live and work and the community spirit we have seen and experienced is simply amazing and we thank all our customers over the years and look forward to seeing them again soon.


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