Insurance is a top concern for Irish motorists

According to the most recent Carzone Motoring Report, almost half (47 per cent ) of motorists claim their insurance premium has increased in the last year. It adds that nearly a third (30 per cent ) of Irish motorists opted to switch insurance provider over the past year, while 40 per cent have remained with their insurance provider for more than three years. The research also highlights other financial concerns for motorists, which include the cost of fuel (17 per cent ) and general maintenance (10 per cent ).

According to the findings, four in 10 (41 per cent ) Irish motorists confirm an increase in running costs for their cars over the past year, with 35 per cent of motorists spending an estimated €200 to €300 a month on running costs for their cars, including insurance, tax, servicing and fuel.

When it comes to purchasing a car, it says the report reveals Irish car owners change their car regularly, with 31 per cent buying a new car every two to three years. More than half (58 per cent would consider buying a car from the UK, with perceived better value (82 per cent ) being the main reason. Despite this, car buyers are still cautious about purchasing a car from the UK. Two thirds (63 per cent ) say buying a car in the UK is too much hassle. Other doubts include the risk involved (35 per ccent ) and worries about Vehicle Registration Tax (35 per cent ).

The company tells us this motoring report is compiled by analysing data from the 80 million plus car views carried out on Carzone in 2019, as well as an in-depth survey of some 1,500 Irish drivers.


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